Montreal Custom Web Design

The Design Process

Initial Analysis

Use our contact form to send us a short description of your project. We will schedule a complimentary consultation with our System Analyst. This consultation can be in person or over Skype if you are not local to the Montreal-Toronto-Ottawa corridor.

During this meeting, we will conduct a high level overview of your company’s needs and the goals of your new or enhanced website. After the meeting, you will be provided with a free initial analysis. It will contain an overview of your project, time line information as well as an initial estimate of the total cost.

Detailed Analysis

Upon acceptance of the initial analysis, we will ask for a payment of 25% of the estimated total cost. In the detailed analysis phase, we will expand and refine the initial analysis. This phase will ensure that there are no surprises in the future. We will research your competitors or comparative systems in order to verify or suggest changes to the overall content of your website.

If any significant changes or additions are indicated by our research, we will inform you and allow you to change the scope of the original proposal or make sure that our design incorporates the ability for future expansion. This a major difference in a professionally designed project, you can be assured, that if new ideas need to be incorporated into your website at a future date, these changes will flow naturally and will cost significantly less. Upon completion of the detailed analysis, a refined cost and time line project definition will be delivered.

Template Creation

Upon acceptance of the detailed analysis the site structure and initial graphic design will be developed.
At this point you should start gathering and sending us any graphics you wish to incorporate into your site and any textual content that you want included. Make sure your literal content has been reviewed and spell checked.
The navigation system and page structure will be designed and the generic look of the site will be developed. This will allow you to visualize the structure, layout, and navigation of the site.

Design Iteration

Once the initial design is accepted in principal, 25% of the total cost will be due. This milestone will be reached when you are convinced that we can and will deliver on our promises at the quoted cost. The remaining balance is due when the site goes live. The hosting and domain name will be put in place at this point also. On average, we will deliver up to 4 major revisions during which the look and feel of the website will progressively be crafted into a venue that will express your vision of your corporate identity and purpose. After this approval point, any requests for changes will incur additional charges.

Final Template

Several design iterations will result in a final template design and will enable us to start detailed programming of your website. At this point we deliver a document outlining any outstanding tasks that your company needs to complete.
This list could include:

Website Programming

During this phase, we convert the decisions we made together during the system needs analysis, revision and documentation process into the actual website application. As we finish with portions of the programming for your system, we upload the code to our development server so you can track the progress.

Site Monitoring

After we have completed the development of your system, you are not suddenly on your own. Any problems found are dealt with as quickly as possible at no charge to you. We provide free support for all our clients, there is no time limit on this support and you can ask us as many questions as you like. Most of our clients are setting up websites for the first time and have a few questions and queries after their site goes live, so we are happy to provide free after sales support. All support enquiries are handled via email initially and telephone conversations can be arranged thereafter if required. We answer all enquiries within 24 hours.

Search Engine Submission and Marketing

We suggest you talk to us about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to ensure that your new systems return on investment exceeds expectations. We will use considerable SEO techniques while building your site, but further SEO techniques can be used after your site goes live. You may also want to take advantage of our design department to create cards, ads or brochures matching your new website, in order to make sure that your branding is cohesive and you drive traffic to your website using the medium of offline advertising. We can help you form and execute an overall online marketing plan including:

e-commerce website design

"Web design involves the structure of the website including the information architecture, the layout and the pages, and the conceptual design with branding."